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We heartily thank our customers for sharing their experience of using Sweenobles Joint MaxActives, so that others may enjoy its benefits too


"Thanks to your product, after applied it for nearly 3 weeks, my damaged knee joint had so much better now. Prior applying your product, I had gone through every treatment except the operation for replacing my kneecap. Although it has not 100% ok by now, but it has relief my pain ( those who had the same problem will understand how torturing it is) especially during sleeping time. I can start some light exercise and my condition is improving greatly everyday." (SY, Johor, Malaysia)
"It has become very busy here with many groups booking in. I don't think I would be able to do all these shifts without your wonderful product. Thank you so much." (JH, Taupo, NZ)
"I love your amazing product and have shared it as well..I'm up at 6 this morning rubbing it into my ankles..AND IT REALLY DOES HELP..I would love to order some more" (CJ, Taupo, NZ)
"Highly recommend Joint MaxActives topical gel! It works very well as immediate and lasting pain relief for my sore right shoulder, arm and fingers due to lots of computer work. The gel also works well treating my aching legs and knees due to long hours of standing and walking at work. Definitely a must-have product at my workstation!" (IH, Palmy, NZ)
"Sweenobles Joint Max is an amazing product! Immediate pain relief for aunty's wrist pain (not sure about the reason, maybe just normal wear and tear due to her age , 50+) and my shoulder & neck strain due to the long time desktop works. Highly recommended for any over use related pains or strains. It's so convenient to have a bottle at hand, whenever pains come up, this is your solution! You can continue with your life without any pain, keep your life as normal as you want. Yay!" (EC, Chrischurch, NZ)
"I want to let you know the feedback I got from my auntie, my mum and my husband. They all said your product is effective on pain relief including shoulders, knees and sciatic nerve! I am so glad to get the feedback and congratulations to you!" (GY, Johor, Malaysia)
"An amazing product! Immediate pain relief and comfort. Definitely worthwhile to give it a try and experience the benefits of this product" (JT, Singapore)
"My mum bought this product in April and she has been using it on her sore knees for three weeks now, she said it helped her knees and she definitely can feel the relief. Thanks Sweenobles!" (PM, Palmy, NZ)